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How Big Pharma Combats Criminals Profiting from Counterfeit Drugs

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Meta Description: Discover the alarming world of counterfeit drugs, a $431 billion global fraud, and how pharmaceutical giants like Gilead Sciences and Johnson & Johnson are taking legal action against criminals who endanger lives by producing fake medications, including HIV drugs. Learn about ongoing investigations targeting lifesaving drugs and the urgent need for stronger anti-counterfeiting measures.

counterfeit drugs
counterfeit drugs

Counterfeiting Lifesaving Medications: A Lucrative Criminal Enterprise

Counterfeiting medications has become a lucrative criminal enterprise, contributing to a staggering $431 billion in worldwide fraud, as estimated by the World Health Organization. This alarming trend has garnered significant attention as pharmaceutical giants like Gilead Sciences and Johnson & Johnson take legal action against those responsible for producing counterfeit drugs.

The Case of Lazaro Hernandez: A High-Stakes Gambler Turned Counterfeiter

In a shocking turn of events, federal investigators uncovered the secret life of Lazaro Hernandez, a flamboyant poker player who jet-setted around the world with stacks of colorful chips. However, behind this extravagant facade, Hernandez oversaw a nationwide counterfeit prescription medication operation valued at approximately $230 million. His operation focused primarily on lifesaving HIV drugs, altering pill bottles and selling them back to pharmacies at a substantial discount.

Court records revealed that Hernandez’s operation tampered with bottles of Biktarvy, the most prescribed HIV drug globally, along with Descovy and other pharmaceuticals. In some instances, the counterfeit pills were even substituted with Seroquel, an antipsychotic medication. Hernandez’s lavish lifestyle, financed by the proceeds from the counterfeiting operation, included private jet trips to Las Vegas and participation in numerous high-stakes poker tournaments.

The Global Scale of Drug Counterfeiting

Hernandez’s operation is just one example of the vast problem of drug counterfeiting. The World Health Organization’s estimate of up to $431 billion in counterfeit drugs worldwide annually underscores the urgency of tackling this issue. In the United States alone, there were 2,121 reported incidents of counterfeiting in 2022, representing a 17% increase from the previous year, as reported by the Pharmaceutical Security Institute, a leading industry tracker.

Pharmaceutical Giants Take Action

For companies like Gilead Sciences, combating prescription drug diversion and counterfeiting has become a top priority. In July 2021, Gilead Sciences initiated a lawsuit against 161 defendants, including pharmacies and wholesale pharmaceutical distributors, accusing them of participating in the scheme to alter the company’s medications Biktarvy and Descovy. Following suit, Johnson & Johnson filed a similar lawsuit against 27 defendants in April 2022 concerning its HIV medication Symtuza. These lawsuits are currently pending.

Expanding Targets: Counterfeiting Lifesaving Drugs Beyond HIV Medications

The problem extends beyond HIV drugs, with other lifesaving medications falling victim to counterfeiters in recent years, including cancer medications. Industry experts and law enforcement officials continue to investigate these cases, highlighting the pressing need for stronger anti-counterfeiting measures and vigilance in protecting public health.

Lori Mayall, Gilead’s Head of Anti-Counterfeiting and Product Security, sums it up best: “These criminals are preying on the most vulnerable.” The battle against counterfeit drugs is a critical one, with pharmaceutical companies and law enforcement agencies working tirelessly to safeguard the lives of those who depend on genuine, life-saving medications.

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